H2Ohhhh **** it’s cold

Whether you were a penguin in a past life, have always wanted to re-enact the Jack and Rose moment or just generally have the urge to see what it feels like to swim in freezing cold water (well, 2 degrees), there's no better reason to take the plunge than raising money for a good cause. On Saturday 28th … Continue reading H2Ohhhh **** it’s cold


And so it vegan…

During December, I was mindlessly reading the tube adverts (above the head of the unsuspecting passenger below them), seeing all the usual suspects, wellwoman plus, simba mattresses etc, when I was met with the face of a piglet staring back at me. Intrigued as to what it could be advertising, I bothered to read the words, which … Continue reading And so it vegan…

The name’s spy… failed spy

Ever thought you could definitely be the best spy in British history, if only you had the chance? Well now you do! Following the online purchase of our tickets, we received various follow up communications from the 'Reconnaissance Division'. They advised us where to meet our first field agent and detailed a list of essentials … Continue reading The name’s spy… failed spy

Explore London Bridge

Drinks Boro Bistro Although not somewhere you'd necessarily see at first glance, this European style bistro is about 5 minutes' walk from London Bridge, nestled in the shadow of Southwark Cathedral. Whether it's a warm summers evening or a slightly more autumnal outing, Boro Bistro's courtyard garden, with chairs of all shapes and sizes and … Continue reading Explore London Bridge

More than just a cinema

I appreciate that Odeon can be considered a one size fits all when it comes to watching the latest blockbuster on the big screen, but there are times when you want a little bit more from your viewing arena than a a foot-long and some nachos. The Prince Charles Cinema - Leicester Square The Prince … Continue reading More than just a cinema