In the midnight garden

Growing weary of the usual pop up bars and looking for more than just a cocktail on a sunny evening? What about somewhere that offers you cocktails, a campfire, a beautiful garden setting, a minor celebrity, some engineering history and as many complimentary toasted marshmallows as you can stomach. Every Friday and Saturday from May … Continue reading In the midnight garden


H2Ohhhh **** it’s cold

Whether you were a penguin in a past life, have always wanted to re-enact the Jack and Rose moment or just generally have the urge to see what it feels like to swim in freezing cold water (well, 2 degrees), there's no better reason to take the plunge than raising money for a good cause. On Saturday 28th … Continue reading H2Ohhhh **** it’s cold

Explore London Bridge

Drinks Boro Bistro Although not somewhere you'd necessarily see at first glance, this European style bistro is about 5 minutes' walk from London Bridge, nestled in the shadow of Southwark Cathedral. Whether it's a warm summers evening or a slightly more autumnal outing, Boro Bistro's courtyard garden, with chairs of all shapes and sizes and … Continue reading Explore London Bridge