In the midnight garden

Growing weary of the usual pop up bars and looking for more than just a cocktail on a sunny evening? What about somewhere that offers you cocktails, a campfire, a beautiful garden setting, a minor celebrity, some engineering history and as many complimentary toasted marshmallows as you can stomach. Every Friday and Saturday from May … Continue reading In the midnight garden


The diamond in the rough

Unlike most of the Commons South London has to offer, Crystal Palace Park seems to go a little further to entice and entertain it's visitors, whether that's a family day out, a date that's slightly off the beaten track or a random meander on a Sunday afternoon. Pre-historic creatures It might not boast the vast … Continue reading The diamond in the rough

You’ve goat to be kiddin’ me

The boat race may have been around for almost 200 years and count Matthew Pincent, Hugh Laurie and the Winklevoss twins as some of its more famous alumnus, but its time to introduce the new kid in town... The Goat Race. Every year, two of the finest Spitalfield specimens go head-to-head in a showdown of epic … Continue reading You’ve goat to be kiddin’ me

Get ghosted… but in a good way

Like buses? Like history? Like being slightly scared out of your wits? Get yourself a ticket aboard the Ghost Bus. As is its wont, the Ghost Bus welcomes its passengers at Northumberland Avenue (just off Trafalgar Square), just opposite the Sherlock Holmes pub. From the moment you see the Ghost Bus, you'll realise there's something … Continue reading Get ghosted… but in a good way

And so it vegan…

During December, I was mindlessly reading the tube adverts (above the head of the unsuspecting passenger below them), seeing all the usual suspects, wellwoman plus, simba mattresses etc, when I was met with the face of a piglet staring back at me. Intrigued as to what it could be advertising, I bothered to read the words, which … Continue reading And so it vegan…

The name’s spy… failed spy

Ever thought you could definitely be the best spy in British history, if only you had the chance? Well now you do! Following the online purchase of our tickets, we received various follow up communications from the 'Reconnaissance Division'. They advised us where to meet our first field agent and detailed a list of essentials … Continue reading The name’s spy… failed spy