When in Santorini…

I’ve always seen pictures of Santorini and known it was definitely a place I wanted to visit some day, but the impact of seeing on virtually every realty TV show or ‘celeb’ holiday article for the last six months definitely helped spur me into action.

Eating & drinking
Hotel Sea View (Perivolos)
Reminiscent of a French beach club, Hotel Sea View offers you delicious food, strong cocktails and sun loungers that leave the sea lapping at your feet.

The restaurant offers fresh (and healthy should you be in the mood for something lighter) food in a stylish nautical setting. When you’re finished, they’ll guide you down to a lounger on the black sand where you can order more drinks from the waitresses and have them brought directly to you.

A hop, skip and a jump and you can be swimming in the Aegean Sea.

Santo Wines (Pyrgos)
Greece might not be known for its wine, but when the chance arises to sample some Santorini grapes while looking out at a spectacular view, you take it.

Santo Wines offer seven different tours offering 3 to 18 wines to taste and various platters to taste alongside them.

Alternatively, if you’re short on time (or just want to get out of the sweltering heat) you can skip the tour and go straight for the good stuff.

Kafe Castro Restaurant (Oia)
Set in the Oia cliffs, overlooking Amoudi Bay, this restaurant is probably one of the most romantic dinner settings I’ve ever experienced. Not only is the restaurant itself, beautiful, but if you time your sitting right, you might even catch a glimpse of the famous Santorini sunset. However, Kafe Castro is extremely popular for its sunset view, so you’ll need to book a couple of months in advance.

Mama Thira (Firostefani)
This restaurant has much more of an authentic local family feel than those previously listed, which is why it gained a special place in my heart. The food was good and I would definitely visit again, but it was the staff that really made it stand out. They were welcoming and their great sense of humour definitely made the dinner a memorable one.

With a twist
CineKamari (Kamari)
Living in London, I’m not exactly short of outdoor cinemas, whether its in a field, on a boat or in a hot tub, we’ve pretty much got it covered.

But since Santorini isn’t exactly blessed with a raving night life, unless you want to spend the evening in Fira (which we most definitely did not), we decided a cinema under the stars might be just the ticket…. and we were not disappointed.

From the moment we parked up we were impressed. From the over-sized cinema reel outside to the old-fashioned gated entrance, it really was a one of a kind find.

Once we stepped inside, there were around 50 directors chairs laid out, with lush shrubbery all around and and the stars overhead, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting.

The beaches
Due to its volcanic origins, Santorini has some of the most colourful beaches, so if you’re bored of the bog standard white sand between your toes, make sure you pay a visit to Perissa (black sand) and Akrotiri (red sand) for something a little more insta-worthy.

If spending all day lounging on the beach or drinking wine overlooking a blue sea isn’t your idea of fun, the Akrotiri might tickle your fancy. This is the site of a pre-historic settlement and allows you to see ruins and artefacts left behind from that time.



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