You’ve goat to be kiddin’ me

The boat race may have been around for almost 200 years and count Matthew Pincent, Hugh Laurie and the Winklevoss twins as some of its more famous alumnus, but its time to introduce the new kid in town… The Goat Race.

Every year, two of the finest Spitalfield specimens go head-to-head in a showdown of epic proportions. This year it was the Turn of Hamish (Oxford) and Hazel (Cambridge) to represent and vie for the title of champion. Not prone to fits of diva behaviour, pre-race they could be seen sunning themselves and chomping on grass in the back paddocks, providing a good chance to eye up their vital statistics ahead of placing any bets.

The event itself runs from 12-6pm, which at first seemed a long time to spend at a city farm, but although the goat race may be the finale, it isn’t the only thing the day has to offer: Feeling intellectual? Channel your inner Shakespeare and submit a poem at ‘Goatry’ corner. Feeling creative? Put your skills to good use and knit your own goatee. Feeling vocal? Step up to the mic and bleat your way through ‘Goat-aoke’. Feeling nostalgic? Walk around the farm, cooing and aah-ing at the other residents. Feeling lucky? Place a bet on your choice for winner at Billy Hill. Feeling hungry? Visit the food stalls in the courtyard.

So when next April rolls around, grab your goat and get yourself down to Spitalfields city farm for a day to remember.

The Goat Race
Where? Spitalfields city farm
When? Boat race Sunday
Cost? £14 per person


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