Get ghosted… but in a good way

Like buses? Like history? Like being slightly scared out of your wits? Get yourself a ticket aboard the Ghost Bus.

As is its wont, the Ghost Bus welcomes its passengers at Northumberland Avenue (just off Trafalgar Square), just opposite the Sherlock Holmes pub.

From the moment you see the Ghost Bus, you’ll realise there’s something altogether different about your vehicle for the evening and that feeling will only get stronger once you’ve introduced yourself to the Conductor. Friendly though he is, you’ll get the sense he’s seen and heard things that others might find too frightening to re-live.

Once aboard you’ll be given a quick health and safety talk (unlike any you’re likely to have experienced), before setting off on your tour of our grim and grizzly city. During the tour, you’ll see all of the usual sights, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and London Bridge, but instead of hearing about the various Prime Ministers and royal weddings, you’ll be enlightened about the murders, torture and executions that took place there.

You’ll meet a variety of characters aboard the bus, some more unsavoury than others, but don’t worry, whatever their appearance, they’re only there to help you and pose no threat to you at all. Saying that, its best to keep on their good side to avoid causing unnecessary incidents.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been on this tour a total of four times and have enjoyed (and been surprised) by it, every single time. Turns out there’s something quite addictive about mixing beautiful historic buildings and tales of the gruesome incidents that befell their previous residents.

The Ghost Bus Tours
Tickets: Adult £21, Child/Student/Concession £15
Duration: 1 hr 15 minutes
Tour times: Sun-Fri 6pm (subject to availability), 7.30pm & 9pm,  Sat 6pm, 7.45pm,7.30pm, 9pm & 9pm
Alternative locations: Edinburgh and York


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