The name’s spy… failed spy

Ever thought you could definitely be the best spy in British history, if only you had the chance? Well now you do!

Following the online purchase of our tickets, we received various follow up communications from the ‘Reconnaissance Division’. They advised us where to meet our first field agent and detailed a list of essentials to help us successfully complete our mission:
1. A smartphone to receive details of the mission and provide evidence to field agents
2. A disguise -Scarves, jackets and hats can all be used to change your appearance and make sure you stay hidden from potential enemy spies

So as not to give the game away (loose lips, sink ships), I won’t reveal too much about what happens on the day, but I can say that you’ll be tasked to track down and liaise with various field agents, gather additional information and objects, subtly and securely drop off  dossiers for other agents to collect (without them being intercepted by the enemy) and commit acts of espionage in order to gain enemy secrets.

They say you should ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’, but in this case, your enemy could be anyone… or everyone, so keep your eyes open and remember to blend into the crowd.

You’ll have 2 hours to complete your mission and get back to base.

Once back at base you’ll receive a full report of the successes and failures or your mission, along with a ranking of how you fared against your fellow spies. We came in 14th position, which is fairly admirable, but having only complete half of our missions successfully, I won’t be contacting MI5 just yet.

Times and dates: Every Sunday, 2pm
Cost: £25 per person


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