E i E i O

Do you like fresh air? Do you like animals? Do you like fun? Then Bocketts Farm is the farm for you.

Long gone are the days when you walked round a field, saw an animal from afar and then wandered off on your merry way. Although this farm has the usual menagerie of animals from llamas to pigs and cockerels to chipmunks, visiting is an interactive experience, with activities, as well as animals, at every turn. That being said, it isn’t just about the animals, there’s also a range of soft play and playground areas for children to enjoy.

For those who are brave enough, there’s the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the farm’s smaller residents, including guinea pigs, rabbits, mice and even cockerels under the careful supervision of the farm staff.

If on the other hand you’re accompanied by a younger guest who fancies themselves as the next Heidi or John Wayne, goat milking and pony rides (for a cost of £2) are available at various times throughout the day on both weekdays and weekends.


However, my personal highlight has to be the pig race (daily at 12.45 and 3.45)! As soon as I realised that pig racing was a thing and that i could see it… live…with my very own eyes, i knew this farm was my spiritual home. Who doesn’t want to see 5 young pigs racing around a track at the speed of light? Added to that the competitors names included Boaris Johnson, Will.i.ham and Harry Porker, I knew i was spending my Saturday in the right place.

My biggest shout-out of the day, has to go to Zebedee the Zebu. He is without doubt the most beautiful bovine I have ever seen. His beauty, paired with the fact he allowed me to repeatedly stroke his cheek, secured him a place in my heart (and more importantly, on my instagram account).

With smalls in tow, you could probably spend a full day enjoying all the fun at the farm, but for those who are just young at heart 2-3 hours is probably long enough to make the most of all there is to offer. And if your stomach starts to rumble before, during or after your visit, you can visit the coffee bar or tearooms for a quick energiser.

Bocketts Farm Park
Address: Young Street, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 9BS
Opening hours: 10am-5.30pm everyday
Cost: Price varies according to the day and age of the guests


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