Freakshake Friday

Ever since hearing the word freakshake and then being treated to the accompanying description and visuals, I’ve been planning to track one down and consume it.

Since venturing to Shoreditch from Balham for an overly indulgent ice cream seemed a little extravagant, i decided that Maxwell’s in Covent Garden was a happy medium.

Maxwell’s offer a choice of three freakshakes: salted caramel (featuring a salted caramel glazed doughnut), Oreo (featuring an Oreo style cake) and a Mars Bar inspired concoction. I plumped for Oreo.

Seeing the freakshakes arrive at our table, i felt the same excitement i did as a child at Christmas. It was huge and visually looked similar to all of the pictures i’d previously seen, overflowing with cream, chocolate and topped with a Oreo style sponge. The fact that it arrived with two straws implied it was probably something to be shared, but i didn’t let that small detail intimidate me.

Then came the moment of truth…the tasting. First came the decision of how to tackle such a behemoth. Initially I decided to just stick in the straw, but then I ventured in with the long handled spoon, so i could sample both the cake and the milkshake at once.

To get to the milkshake, i had to fight my way through what seemed like an overly generous amount of cream (most of which i actually removed and avoided eating). When i reached the milkshake, it was pretty good, but the consistency wasn’t as thick as the McDonald’s style i’d envisaged, although with all the additional extras, i suppose that can only be considered good for the waistline. One negative however was that rather than chunks of ice cream, which you’d reasonably expect to find in a milkshake, there seemed to be clumps of cream.

The Oreo cake itself was a strange addition, i couldn’t quite identify the filling, except to say that it seemed to contain an element of caramel. The chocolate sponge however was light and went well with the milkshake.

I didn’t quite manage to finish it, which was not only down to its size, but more to do with the fact the flavours didn’t inspire me enough to try. I probably won’t be ordering another freakshake, but overall i’m glad I’ve had one. As with meeting an idol, sometimes the hype can only ever lead to disappointment.

Address: 8 James Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8BH
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 11:30am – Midnight, Sat & Sun: 9:30am – Midnight


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